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      Hitomi Meyer

      みなさん こんにちは。

      Hello everyone. I usually write about spring in this season. But this March has been a disaster, so we aren’t hearing anything about spring this year.

      There is a product which we cannot buy anymore due to COVID-19. That is face masks. We stopped seeing regular face masks at stores in February when we started reading the news about a cruise ship at Yokohama carrying a lot of infected people. The fear of infection caused people to buy a lot of face masks. Some people bought unnecessary amounts of them and sold them with a very high mark up online. Unfortunately, there are always people who try to profit off of from vulnerable people during disasters. After that, toilet paper and tissues also sold out, but they were restocked quickly. However, face masks are still scarce.

      In Japan, wearing a face mask is a common thing to do. People wear face masks when they have a cold, don’t want to catch a cold, have hay fever, and even when they don’t want to get a sun tan. When you wear a face mask, you inhale humidified air, so it makes you breath more easily. That’s why you wear it. People who wear glasses and hate breathing humidified air don’t like wearing them, but I think most Japanese people don’t hesitate to wear face masks. It has become a norm to protect yourself and others. However, the current situation is a bit strange because you feel like you should wear a face mask even when you don’t have any symptoms. It’s silly, but I think seeing people wear face masks makes others feel safe.

      I know a lot of people are not comfortable or not used to wearing face masks, but if you get into a closed place like an airplane, I strongly recommend using one. The air is dry and sick people might be all around you.

      Please be cautious, everyone. You need to wash your hands and disinfect them frequently. If you touch a doorknob or a door, you should not touch your face. You should keep washing your hands and sanitizing your hands everywhere you go. You shouldn’t use the air dryer at toilets either. And if you have a strange feeling in your throat or you are sneezing or coughing, you should put on a face mask. Stay safe!

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