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      Hitomi Meyer

      Sample post:

      Hand Writing Forum are for checking your handwriting. Please scan your handwriting paper and post it here as an attachment.

      1. Please leave a line between each sentence for my review.
      2. You can scan the paper or take a photo with your phone. If you take a photo, please make sure it’s clear enough to read.
      3. To insert your image, you can click “Attachments and other options” and Attach: “Choose File.”
      4. If the attachment is too large (2 MB limit), please use an image resizer like resizeimage.net to shrink it a bit.

      Chapter 3 questions (reposted from the Writing Forum page)

      1. いつも何時ごろ起きますか?
      2. よくどこで買い物しますか?
      3. いつも何時ぐらいにテレビを見ますか?
      4. よくスポーツをしますか?
      5. 週末はよくどこに行きますか?
      6. 明日、何をしますか?
      7. あなたの友達はよくあなたのうちに来ますか?
      8. あなたはよく友達とバーに行きますか?
      9. いつもアニメをみますか?

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      Matthew Meyer

      Sample reply:

      Here are my answers:

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      Hitomi Meyer

      Sample reply:

      Hello Matt-san.

      You did a wonderful job! You made some kanji mistakes, but other than that, your hand writing is pretty good 🙂

      Here is my review.

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