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    Hitomi Meyer

    Sample post:

    Hello Audio Lesson students.

    This is an audio lesson. I’m going to post an audio recording of the sample questions from the Writing Forum. There are two files: a natural speed version and a slow speed version.

    Please listen carefully and try to understand the words. Listen to it in the car, train, at work, and anywhere else you can. If you can understand what I say in the natural speed recording, that’s very good. Some students primarily practice with the natural speed version, and refer to the slower version as a study guide. Other students prefer the slow version and only use the natural speed version occasionally. Use whichever one best matches your study preferences.

    Record yourself reading the questions and then answering them. I use Audacity to record my questions and review, but if you have another program or app that you like, please use whatever you are comfortable with. After you have uploaded your questions and answers, I will reply and correct your Japanese.

    Speaking is the most difficult thing to practice. Even when you think you can speak fluently, your tongue somehow doesn’t move as you imagine. This is the mystery of language. You have to speak again and again to get used to speaking the words. It’s not enough to just read or listen. You have to say it out loud. It might be a bit difficult, but try to practice a lot before you start your recording. Record multiple versions and send me your best one.

    To upload your audio, you can click Attachments at the bottom of the page.


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    Matthew Meyer

    Sample audio submission:

    Here is my recording, Hitomi-sensei.

    1. Matt-Chapter-3.mp3
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    Hitomi Meyer

    Sample reply:

    Hello Matt-san

    Thank you for your recording. Here is my review of your audio. You did a wonderful job đŸ™‚

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