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      Even tho I have the answers for this practice test it doesn’t fill in the other blanks on these word order questions, this one is bothering me:

      自分で野菜を作ってみて、おいしい野菜を育てる__ __ _*_ __ わかりました。

      1ことが 2大変な 3ことか 4どんなに

      You have to select the one that goes in the starred space, which is 2. Not sure what ことか is doing or what it means.

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      Hitomi Meyer

      Oh no! I didn’t get notification from this post 🙁 I’m sorry for the delay…

      自分で野菜を作ってみて、おいしい野菜を育てる1.ことが 4。どんなに *2.大変な 3.ことか わかりました。

      After I attempted growing vegetables, I realized how difficult making delicious vegetables is.

      It’s the same as どんなに大変か. You can include a question as a part of a long sentence.
      For example:
      昨日はどれくらい暑かったか知っていますか。(Do you know how hot it was yesterday?).
      テストを受けることがどんなに難しい事か知りませんでした。(I didn’t know how difficult taking the test was.)

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      It’s ok, this wasn’t on the test. Part of my confusion was thinking 「野菜を作る」meant making a vegetable dish.

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