NihongoForum is a Japanese grammar review forum. The goal is not to teach you Japanese, but to assist your self-study or external classroom study of Japanese.

NihongoForum has three subscription levels: Tamago (egg), Hiyoko (chick), and Niwatori (chicken). Each level offers a different level of access and teacher attention.

Tamago ($5/month): Tamago students can access the homework questions. After you post your homework answers, your teacher will reply to them with corrections and tips on your writing.


Hiyoko ($10/month): Hiyoko students get everything Tamago students get, but also gain access to the handwriting section. Hiyoko students can upload their handwritten answers to the month’s homework questions, and the teacher will correct your handwritten Japanese.


Niwatori ($20/month): Niwatori students get everything that Hiyoko students get, and in addition can access the audio homework. The teacher will record the month’s questions so you can download and listen to them wherever you go. You will record your answers to the teacher, and the teacher¬†will give you advice and suggestions to improve your spoken Japanese.


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