Subscription Levels

NihongoForum has three subscription levels: Tamago (egg), Hiyoko (chick), and Niwatori (chicken). Each level offers a different level of access and teacher attention.

Tamago ($5/month): Tamago students can access the homework questions. After you post your homework answers, I will reply to them with corrections and tips on your writing.

Hiyoko ($10/month): Hiyoko students get everything Tamago students get, but also gain access to the handwriting section. Hiyoko students can upload their handwritten answers to the month’s homework questions, and I will correct your handwritten Japanese.

Niwatori ($20/month): Niwatori students get everything that Hiyoko students get, and in addition can access the audio homework. I will record the month’s questions so you can download and listen to them wherever you go. You will record your answers to me, and I will give you advice and suggestions to improve your spoken Japanese.

To summarize:
Tamago: writing homework only
Hiyoko: writing and handwriting homework
Niwatori: writing, handwriting, and audio homework

You can see a sample of each level in the Sample Lesson forum.

Level Price  
Tamago $5.00 per Month. Select
Hiyoko $10.00 per Month. Select
Niwatori $20.00 per Month. Select

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